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Thread: Word problem using volume/area

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    Word problem using volume/area

    A delivery company has two trucks, 1 large, 1 small. The large truck is twice as high, twice as long and twice as wide as the small truck. If it costs $100.00 to fill the small truck completely full, how much would it cost to fill the large truck full?
    I think the answer should be twice as much 2x100=200. but I feel that the area or volume of the trucks may be the answer. So maybe 2x2x2. Area = LxWxH so 8 times 100 or 800?
    I'm not certain.

    Sorry, but there is no more information other than the trucks are completely full. This was given to our 6th grade math class.
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    That's a horrible question. There is not enough information.

    Maybe the cost is the same, economy of scale and all that.

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    Look at a 2by3by4 box and a 4by6by8 box.
    I'm just an imagination of your figment !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mgee View Post
    So maybe 2x2x2. Area = LxWxH so 8 times 100 or 800?
    Yes, I think that $800 is the answer they expect. Doubling all three dimensions increases the volume by a factor of eight.

    I agree that the exercise could be better worded. It's the actual stuff which fills the small truck that costs $100; the overhead (eg: labor, electricity, maintenance, etc.) is not included in the cost "to fill the small truck".

    PS: The word in red above should be "volume".

    Cheers ~ Mark


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