Modified sine function help

Subhotosh Khan

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Jun 18, 2007
We need to meet as I am one of those people. These beautiful constructions you speak of could not be made without mathematics! There would be no engineers, computers, television, etc etc etc, if not for mathematics (and physics).
True - those could not be done without hammers and chisels either - just tools.

Information (mathematics) when applied becomes knowledge (engineering).


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Aug 1, 2022
This is a hook for a car charging cable, and I used many different curves, starting with ellipses, to get the shape I wanted.
I can appreciate what you've created there. To some, it might seem like a lot of unnecessary work and complication for something seemingly trivial - a hook. But you've made the effort to make that hook very meaningful to you and understand it intimately. I have experienced that sometimes a significant amount of effort input into something can output an even greater amount of satisfaction.