Advanced quantitative reasoning homework help??


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Sep 19, 2017
Good evening/day,

I was doing my homework for AQR until I came across a question I completely forgot how to solve. I do not have notes for it since it was a while a go & I turned them in. I searched for about an hour on how to do this but no luck. If anyone can PLEASE take the time out of their day to solve this & explain step by step how solve this, it will be forever appreciated.

You get to an airport to take a flight overseas. At the rental car desk you noticr there are about 20 people in a 5 ft x 15 ft rectangular space. Later on in the security area which is approximately 250 ft x 350 ft. What is the best estimate of how many people will fit into this space?

Thank you so much guys.


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Mar 25, 2016
I'll admit I've never heard of advanced quantitative reasoning, but it sounds to me like you're being asked to apply estimation and make educated guesses, and apply these to "real world" problems. I'll outline the steps I would take to estimate the answer to this problem:

  • How many square feet are there in the rental car area? (Hint: Multiply)
  • Assuming each person takes up the same amount of space, how many square feet does one person occupy? (Hint: Divide)
  • How many square feet are there in the larger security area? (Hint: Multiply)
  • Assuming that the people take up the same amount of space as before, how many people can fit in this area? (Hint: Divide)

Go ahead and give this problem another try. If you get stuck again, that's alright, but when you reply back, please include any and all work you've done on the problem, even the parts you know for sure are wrong. Thank you.


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Apr 12, 2005
There probably is not a textbook on how your brain works. The reasoning must happen in your head.