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Business Statistics

Varun Gupta

New member
May 28, 2012
*** A Very Challenging Problem on Business Statistics ***

This problem is based on a business problem faced by FMCG companies on a day to day basis.

For a particular region, at Time Period (T1) # Stores are 100 and Sales per Store is 20$; at Time Period (T2) # stores are 200 and Sales per Store is 30$. Now the total sales has changed from 2000$ to 6000$, is there a way we can calculate the calculate the increase in sales individually due to -

1) Increase in no. of stores
2) Increase in Sales per Outlet due to same store
3) Addition of stores with high Sales per Outlet then previous set of stores

PS: While moving from T1 to T2, there will be some stores which will drop out from 100.

Please take assumption as and wherever required :smile: