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Creating Distribution


New member
Nov 8, 2009
Hello Board, I have a question that has to be answered by tonight. So any help would be GREAT!
I have a list of distributions to show best case $(B), and worst case $(W)... with our ML being X... so my equation looks like this ... (B) * X for best case, and (W) *X for worst case. I have a excel spread sheet with over 10,000 prob. what I need to do now is change my best case to -10% and keep the distribution the same.
Here is an example.
Best case .75 1,000 Worst case 1.1

750 1,000, 1,100

Now what I have to do is change .75 by 10%.
Best case .65 1,000 worst case ?

keeping the SAME distribution what would my worst case be and how?
I was thinking you just add 10% to the right, but I was told that was wrong. PLEASE help :0 thanks