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Cryptic Sport?


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Tee it up or estimate spin (9)


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Are you using the WYSIWYG interface? If so, there's a button on the menu bar labeled "A". On this button, there is a drop-down menu icon for choosing font colors. Highlight the specific text, before using the button to change color. This feature is mentioned HERE.

If you're not using that interface, then you'll need to manually type BBC tags around the colored text:

[color=white] & [/color]

There's more information about BBC tags, in the FAQ.

Other sites I go to work like this:
Those tags used to work, here.

When Ted switched the forum software to v-Bulletin (2011), its spoiler tags were initially broken. A few months later, they started working, but then they broke again (2012).

Is there a "place" here where the local procedure is explained?
Look HERE. :cool: