Frame of reference in Cylindrical Coordinate system


New member
Sep 15, 2021
Hi. Say I want to get the pitch yaw and roll of a frame in relation to (c,theta,c)=(r,theta,z) cylindrical coordinates where c is some constant. Is it true that I would only need rotation around z and r to describe/convert the frame to a Rodriquez matrix (4x4 ... concatenation of rotation and translation matrices(transformation matrix)). Given the rotations are in relation to a plane that also describes theta = c at which time the frames rotation s would be 0,O. If this is the case how would I calculate pitch yaw and roll with respect to a cylindrical coordinates system once I had these values or in other words convert to x,y,z,rx,ry,rz from the values observed in cylindrical world. Thanks. Hope that made sense.

Sorry please replace with respect to towards the end to from....