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Dad of 6yr old. I have random maths questions..i am not sure which category of the maths they belong.. can I just post where people can help. The book iam teaching is for 7 yr entrance exam ..it has answers some of them which i can figure out..some of them i cant, hence need help



I am planning to move this forum from the ancient VBulletin 4 codebase to a brand new Xenforo 2 system. I think you'll like it.


It's up and running right now in parallel with the current software, and you're welcome to look at it and play around. You'll need to use username demouser and password DemoOnly (case sensitive) to get past the basic htaccess authentication on that directory. The site isn't a secret or anything, but I don't want the general public stumbling upon it while I'm fiddling around. I imported everything over a few days ago so you'll see posts up through last Friday, and all user login information should still work. Anything you post now will eventually be deleted since I'll have to re-import everything over for the final release, on a date TBD.

You may see things change in real time, and the system will go down for maintenance periodically, but the idea is to play around if you're unfamiliar with Xenforo and want to learn before the new code goes live.

Let me know what you think.


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You seem to be running around aimlessly.

Please post your questions individually,
ONE question per thread...

What grade is your "6 years old son" in?

AND what does this mean:
"The book I am teaching is for 7 yr entrance exam ..it has answers some of them..." ?
How is that related to a 6 yr old?
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