I need help.


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Mar 16, 2019
Hi all. Before I ask for help, this is not a homework post. I have a midterm tomorrow and I really need help.
The questions I have posted are not exam questions, they are just examples for midterm. (Review)
To be honest, in university I didn't attend any calculus I lecture(I passed it B+, quite lucky) and I did the same mistake at Calculus II. I really need help about some questions and I appreciate any help I can get from you guys.
Not attending to lectures was a big mistake for sure and I'll do everything to recover. However, while I recover my past, I need help with these questions.
There are more than 50 questions normally, I solved them but these questions are the ones I can't do anything.
Please help people. I need this exam.
Thank you and have a good day/night...



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Nov 12, 2017
What you need is help. What you are asking for is not help! You're asking us to do the work for you, which does not help you learn.

Homework or not, we ask you to show your own work or thinking so that we can help you think for yourself. You've seen plenty of worked examples (assuming you've read your textbook and didn't ignore that, too). You don't need to see more of them from us. You need to put in effort. That means at least telling us why you are not sure of the answer in each case.

Once you show even wrong attempts or misguided ideas, we'll know what help you really need, and can focus on that.

Please re-read our submission guidelines.