I want all the answers to my test


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Jul 9, 2007
I'm a math lover and very good at it too so that's why this site looked so awesome!

I think that my math teacher cheated me on a test. I'll display the questions and hope someone presents the "answer key" so I can be sure of her rudeness and then possibly take it farther then just an angry note.

Your help in this serious matter is greatly appreciated.

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Jul 9, 2007
1. Factor 6z2(x + 3) - 4x(x + 3)
2. Factor 6sx(z - 2) + 7m(2 - z)
3. Factor 75m4n8p12 - 25m3n5p3
4. Factor 49x2 - 4y2
5. Factor 1 + 100y2
6. Factor 144x2 - 25
7. Factor x2 + 11x - 60
8. Factor x2 + 3x - 28
9. Factor 12z2 - 5z - 25
10. Factor 12x2 - 5x + 20
11. Factor 21b3 + 28b2 - 6b - 8
12. Factor 8x3 - 2x2y + 3y - 12x
13. Factor 1000z3 - 27
14. Factor 27k3 + 8x3
15. Solve z2 - 5z = 0
16. Solve v2 + 13v = -40
17. Solve x2 = 9
18. Solve 6m2 + 2m = 20
19. Factor 27x2 + 69x + 14
20. A triangle has an area of 25 cm2. The height of the triangle is 5 cm shorter than three times the base. Find the height and base of the triangle.
21. A certain calculator has three more keys across than it does vertically. This special calculator has a total of 10 keys. Find the amount of keys positioned vertically and across.
22. An aquarium has a volume of 3,584 in3. The aquarium has a height of 32 inches and a length of 2 more inches than twice the width. Find the length and width of the aquarium.


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Jan 29, 2005
What makes you think that any one of us is interested is working out 22 rather trivial problems that may well be a takehome test? No! You post the answers to the ones on which you have disagreements with the teacher. We will be glad to respond to that.


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Feb 17, 2004
AND repost the originals properly:

> 1. Factor 6z2(x + 3) - 4x(x + 3)

6z2: is that 6 times z squared ? if so: 6z^2

> 2. Factor 6sx(z - 2) + 7m(2 - z)

6sx: is that 6 times s times x ?


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Apr 12, 2005
After the return of my first exam in the 7th grade, my test was marked 90%. That was 2% off for each of 5 problems marked as incorrect. Upon further review, and a friendly, noncombative discussion with my teacher, an adjustment was made. I received many 100% exam scores in my academic career, but I always held that first exam in highest esteem. I received just a 94%, but the teacher managed only a 96% and he wrote it!

Point: Teachers are human and almost all of them are rational adults. No need to over-react and start crying foul until you have had a reasonable conversation. If you have a valid objection, PROVE IT and present it to your teacher. If you're just whining, you do not have me on your side, that's for sure.

So, let's see what you have.


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Feb 4, 2004
odie2992 said:
I think that my math teacher cheated me on a test.
Were your charges even vaguely true, one would have expected that you would have presented your work and your answers to somebody in administration, thereby demonstrating your proficiency to somebody in a position to take action. Instead, you display only the (very simple) questions, seemingly expecting to be provided with all the answers, and you have taken your "case" to uninvolved third parties who are in no position to help in any manner. :?

A reasonable observer could hardly be faulted for concluding that your post is less than entirely truthful.... :roll:

If you want to convince people that you are honorable and diligent, it might be helpful if you started behaving honorably and showed some diligence. Thank you for your understanding.