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Building Chimneys

Suppose you are building a house with a chimney, based on the pattern below (which I will try to describe). Use the table to find the relationship between the number of blocks you need and the term number.

Term Number = 1

Visual (figure) = 8 blocks total. 3 columns and 3 rows. 1st column has 2 blocks, 2nd & 3rd columns have 3 blocks.

Written Description = A house with a chimney 1 block high takes 8 blocks to build.

Process Column = (this is what we must solve)

Numerical Value of Term (number of blocks) = 8

Term Number = 2

Visual (figure) = 10 blocks total. 3 columns and 3 rows. 1st column has 2 blocks, 2nd & 3rd columns have 4 blocks.

Written Description = (we must solve)

Process Column = (we must solve)

Numerical Value of Term = 10

It goes all the way down to Term Number 4 (which we must solve everything).
OK, hope this is enough information to solve.

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Feb 4, 2004
From your description, the chimney appears to have only one side, and that side has a non-uniform height. Since that of course doesn't make any sense, I must be misunderstanding the description.

Please reply with clarification. Thank you.




Thanks for replying. But after a long search on the net, I was able to find the answer. I still don't quite comprehend how the answer was equated. The answer for the "process column" for "term number 1" was 2(1) + 6 = 8. I guess 6 being the base of the house. The two was determined because that's what it takes to equal the answer 8. And the (1) stands for the term number. Then the process column for the second term number was 2(2) + 6 = 10 and so forth....

This is how I figured it out. Maybe there is a different and proper way to explain it. If I did it wrong, I would like the right explanation.

I don't know how to insert, the following link takes you to the visual(figure) that was on the homework assignment. ... _=70606511

Thanks again for your help