Issue with Large Font Sizes


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Oct 6, 2005
I am reposting the information below, as some readers may have missed the original thread. (Users may click the View Post link [>>], in the first​ quote below, to visit the original thread.)

Cheers ~ Mark :cool:


On the old system, several regular contributors would increase the point size of the font in their posts to help improve readability.

The font-size scale in vBulletin is different from the old system. Choosing size 7 on the old system looked good, but size 7 on vBulletin is too big (example below).

When the boards were imported to vBulletin, those old posts were reformatted to the new size 7.

I am slowly (very slowly) editing those posts to reduce the size.

Anybody who happens to find a thread containing one of these "giant" posts, please feel free to send me its link by private message, and I will correct it.

Cheers ~ Mark :cool:

PS: The quote below is an example; there is no need to send me a link to that post.

Then you must be familiar with sine, cosine, and tangent, yes?

Each of those three trigonometric functions has a reciprocal, and the reciprocals are named as the cosecant, secant, and cotangent functions, respectively.

csc = 1/sin

sec = 1/cos

cot = 1/tan

There are three Pythagorean trig identities:

sin^2 + cos^2 = 1

1 + cot^2 = csc^2

tan^2 + 1 = sec^2