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Need help with some statistics problems


New member
Mar 14, 2012

Can anyone help me with these?

Henryperformed a two-tailed test for an experiment in which N=24. He could not find his table of t criticalvalues, but he remembered the t[SUB]cv[/SUB] at df = 13. He decided to compare his t[SUB]obt [/SUB]withthis t[SUB]cv.[/SUB] Is he more likely to make a Type I or a Type II error inthis situation?

.A student is interested in whether students who study with music playing devoteas much attention to their studies as do students who study under quietconditions (he believes that studying under quiet conditions leads to betterattention). He randomly assignsparticipants to either the music or no-music condition and has them read andstudy the same passage of information for the same amount of time. Subjects are give the same 10-item test onthe material. Their scores appearnext. Scores on the test representinterval-ratio data and are normally distributed.

Music No Music
6 10
5 9
6 7
5 7
6 6
6 6
7 8
8 6
5 9

a. Whatstatistical test should be used to analyze these data?
b. IdentifyH[SUB]a[/SUB] and H[SUB]o [/SUB]for this study.
c. Conductthe appropriate analysis.
d. ShouldH[SUB]o [/SUB]be rejected? What should the researcher conclude?
e. Ifsignificant, compute and interpret the effect size.
f. Ifsignificant, draw a graph representing the data.
g. Determinethe 95% confidence interval.


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Apr 12, 2005
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