New Posts: Is there a way for me to find "recent posts" instead of "new posts" like we did on the old system?


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Aug 27, 2012
I'm a bit perplexed, my normal state.

When I come on I click on the "New posts" button to see, well, the new posts. I recently responded to a thread and later wanted to go back and add a new comment to my post. However when I went searching for it on the "New posts" list it had disappeared. Perhaps because I responded the system assumed that I didn't want to look at my own new post?

Is there a way for me to find "recent posts" instead of "new posts" like we did on the old system?



Addendum: I just found the "What's New" button. That seems to work.


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Nov 24, 2012
Yes, the "New Posts" search will by default only show you threads with unread posts. You can also click "New Posts" and then above the list of threads, there is a button that allows you to remove the "Show Only: Unread" filter.


Click that button and the recent read threads will be included in the results.


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Oct 6, 2005
Here are two more ways to find posts (both read and unread).

If you're looking for one of your own posts, you can get a list from your profile page. Open your profile page by clicking your username, followed by clicking your username again on the pop-up (hovercard or account menu). Once you're at your profile page, click either 'Lastest activity' or "Postings', on the dark-blue menu bar.

If you're looking for a recent post (yours or someone else's), click the drop-down menu 'What's new' (top of any page) and select 'Latest activity'.

With both of these listing methods, there's a page button (bottom-right) for showing more entries.