Please help - I'm stuck with which test to use!


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Mar 21, 2017
Hi, I'm doing an experiment measuring % of seeds that survive a treatment over time. There's four groups: [1. seeds still in their fruit, in normal water],[2.seeds removed from fruit, normal water], [3. seeds in fruit, sea water], [4. seeds not in fruit, sea water].

They were checked weekly for 22 weeks. One of the problems is that one group (seeds not in fruit, fresh water) all germinated in the water, and so I have no more data for them after ten weeks.

On my graph, I have time on the x axis, and % survived on the y. I did do a Pearson test for each group by itself, so I have for seeds in fruit in seawater r = -0.6803, showing that more time results in lower chance of survival. Is that right? How do I compare the four groups?

Any help is really appreciated, I've been looking through books and online but everything about time doesn't seem right.