If 3/2 is added to the reciprocal of a number the result is 2/5 times the reciprocal of that number. Find the number.

No clue what to do.


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Feb 17, 2004
afreemanny said:
If 3/2 is added to the reciprocal of a number the result is 2/5 times the reciprocal of that number. Find the number.
No clue what to do.
Reciprocal of a number = 1 divided by the number

let number = x

3/2 + 1/x = 2/5(1/x)
(3x + 2) / (2x) = 2 / (5x)
Crisscross multiplication...remember? :
2(2x) = 5x(3x + 2)
4x = 15x^2 + 10x
divide by x:
4 = 15x + 10
can you finish it?



Yes I can finish. Was to long ago that I learned about reciprocal's.
I can't retain math in my brain! :evil: I wish I could, and I am trying like **** to learn this, but it wont stay!


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Apr 12, 2005
Switch over to trying like heaven. Maybe it will go better.


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Feb 17, 2004
A truly versatile word. The things you can do with it are simply amazing.
For instance, you can:
1- beat it out of someone
2- couple it with high water
3- raise it
4- watch bats come out of it a whole repertoire of other ingenious permutations and combinations.

If you're asking yourself "what the **** is he talking about?", then you've
already used it; yes: ****'s the word. May I repeat: an amazingly versatile
4 letter word. A word that adds knocks and kicks to utterances. Think of how
weak these beauties would be without it:
1- get the **** out of here
2- I've had one **** of a day
3- what the **** is going on?

In the days of Nero, Pilate, angels and traffic stars, when Earth was the
floor of a gigantic sky-dome, back then **** was known as "Hades", and was
situated in Earth's cellar. When Galileo astronomated in on the scene and
changed Earth into a spinning globe rotating in space, it became necessary
to change Hades' name and location.

Theologians re-baptized it "****". However, its exact location is still
under review. Therefore, we're currently not sure where Hitler is, or where
Jimmy Swaggart, Madonna and TK Hunny are going.

Let's take a moment of silence to be grateful for this name change. Can you
imagine what we'd sound like if we had to color and spunk-up our expressions
with "hades"? Gee, nobody would know what the **** we're talking about!

There's no end to ****'s practical applicability and adaptibility to general
usage. For instance, you can use it to:
1- give compliments: you're one **** of a woman/man
2- surrender: beats the **** out of me
3- make your point: ...until **** freezes over
4- terminate visits: get the **** out!

Now and then, you'll hear it changed to "Heck". But heck doesn't have the
same killer instinct. Compared to ****, it's as peaceful as a Christmas card.
Like: get the heck out, or go to heck. Just doesn't do it. At least, it
rhymes with neck...listen to King Elvis:
Won't you wear my ring
Up around your neck
To tell the world
I love you by heck...
Hank you, hank you.

Let's for a moment free ourselves of ancestral washing of these brain cells
whose job it is to picture the beyond. Now we can take an impartial look at
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1- no need to jog or lift weights to work up a sweat
2- elimination of heating bills and fire insurance premiums
3- easy to practice walking on hot coals
4- quickly light up your Heavena Cigar
5- your wife won't bother you for a fur coat.

Let's for a minute longer hang on to this newly-found-impartiality and have
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1- getting your wings clipped every second saturday
2- meals of fried manna, or manna-a-la-king, or mannaburgers...
3- walking in the park with your lover holding wing-tips
4- doing the hula-hoop with your halo.

Plus see how little this abode adds to everyday sayings. Stuff like "good
heavens!" or "heavens to Betsy!" weak. Just try and use it to kick
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as helpless as a toy balloon in a hurricane.

And how can you terminate a healthy household dispute with such a weak word?
Where would coupled life be if the better half was restricted to wrapping up
with "why don't you go to heaven", the other better half having no choice
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Heavens to Betsy: none of the halves would have the proper stimulus required
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Let's get the **** back to ****. Forgot to mention good behavior. Yes, there
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Think I'll conclude now, before you all wonder If I've temporarily succumbed
to the jug. Conclusions are tricky as (you guessed it) ****, and I sure hope
this one will be to your entire satisfaction. I've decided to sign off with
an unmoving example of what it means to really "feel like ****". You'll find
it in the next and final paragraph.

Suffering from stenosis at any major point along the thirty-foot Via Dolorosa
running from the pylorus to the sigmoid flexure, alleviation in the end only
possible by reaching back for the insertion of small rectified cone-shaped
medicinal objects in gelatinous cases.


I got some thinking to do hah? I do love Heaven and never looked at the bright sides of ****... :eek: