Regression Analysis with Multiple Subjects


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Jan 7, 2019
Hello Everyone,

My name is Tristan Sguigna. I am conducting a research study on neurofeedback and the reduction of theta/beta ratio after 40 sessions. I am conducting a linear regression analysis for each patient (30 patients in total), but know that I cannot generalize my results for one patient and therefore one regression model. Is there a way that I can conduct a multiple regression test that plots the theta/beta ratio for all 30 participants (multiple sets of data for the one dependent variable) along the x-axis of the independent variable "session number"? Thank you and let me know how I should proceed. One statistician suggested a multi-level model but I do not know if this is exactly appropriate and have also heard that multi-level models are extremely complex. Thank you for your time.

Tristan Sguigna