Smallest area a car can do a 3 (or maybe 4) point turn in?


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Jun 22, 2019
Evening all,

Now I am not the best at maths- but I need someone’s help who is!

I’ve applied for planning permission to make my front garden into a driveway to park my car on. The dimensions of the driveway are as followed; 8.3 meters long by 5.7 meters wide. It’s a standard rectangle no posts or doorways sticking out.

They denied my application as they state there isn’t enough room to enter and exit the drive in a forward gear.

Would it be possible to do a 3-4 point turn in a standard size car (let’s say 4-4.5 meters?)

Thank you for all your help! I’ve spent a lot of time and money investing in this but I’m at a dead end with this mathematical side of it 🙁



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May 3, 2019
I would just make a scale model and try it.


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Nov 12, 2017
Or just make a turn in a parking lot, with the size of your planned driveway marked out with cones or sticks; have someone observe whether you go past the marked edges.

The math would require first gathering information on turning radii and other particulars, then doing some complicated geometry; and your result probably still would not reflect the reality of how the car moves.

Then there's also the question of why they say it has to be done in forward gear, not a 3-point turn. Are there laws or regulations that say what you want to do isn't allowed?