"Spinner" combinations


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Dec 12, 2010
Hi, need some help getting started with this one. Please do not post the answer to this just need help with an equation to use to solve it on my own. Was looking through my textbook in the "combinations" section and couldn't figure out what to use.

Joey has three spinners. Each spinner has three numbers on it Spinner A has 1,6,8. Spinner B has 3,5,7. Spinner C has 2,4,9. What I need to figure out is hwat are all the different combination that could come up if each one was spun once randomly. And what are the percentages that each spinner has as being the highest number spun if all are spun once.

I could just write down all the different combinations and do it that way but I figured there must be some sort of formula that would make this simpler and quicker. Thanks!


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Apr 12, 2005
It's only 27 (3x3x3), just get a spreadsheet and write them down.

1) Write down "1" 9 times, then "6" 9 times, then "8" 9 times
2) Write down "3", then "5", then "7" 3 times each and repeat this whole step 3 times.
3) Write down "2", "4", and "9" and repeat 9 times.

"just need help with an equation to use to solve it on my own" -- This is a very odd claim. Setting up the problem is 90% of the learning - maybe more!