Which statistical method should I use? (the effect of a certain drug)


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Jan 24, 2017
[FONT=&quot]Hi there, I hope you are all doing well.
I am wondering if someone could help me with regards to which statistical method I should use in order to see if the results from an experiment will be significant or not i.e P value.
So in this experiment, I am looking at the effect of a certain drug on a certain part of the pulmonary system.
I started off by getting my base data, i.e pulmonary system without the drug. I repeated the experiment 3 time and got an averaged data which I used to make a plot. Next week I will be testing with the drug, and repeat it 3 time and get an averaged data to make a graph. Now my question relates to this next part, once I got the data for both, how do I check if there was a significant change between when drug was not added and after it was added? This experiment was never done before so I have no expected value for a change.

Since there is only two things to compare, should I use a two sample T test? I am thinking of using the minitab software.

Thank you in advanced.