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Calculate the Area of Common Shapes

Square: \(Area = (Side Length)^2\)

The area of a square is the length of a side, squared.

Area of a Square

Rectangle: \(Area = (Length)*(Width)\)

The area of a rectangle is the length multiplied by the width.

area of a rectangle

Circle: \(Area = \pi*r^2\)

The area of a circle is pi (about 3.14) times the radius squared.

Area of a circle

Triangle: \(Area = \frac{1}{2}*(Base)*(Height)\)

The area of a triangle is one half the base times the height.

area of a triangle

Trapezoid: \(Area = \frac{1}{2}*(B_1+B_2)*(Height)\)

The area of a trapezoid is one half the sum of the bases times the height.

area of a trapezoid