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Recommended Books

Book Subjects: Math, Algebra, Geometry, SAT prep

There are literally thousands of helpful books available to help you learn math, review for an exam, or perhaps refresh your mind after years away from the classroom. I've collected some of my favorites below. Some of them I've read myself, and others seem to be quite popular (and well reviewed!).

Our first selection is Practical Algebra, A Self-Teaching Guide. This 336 page book leads you through algebra by "doing", not by "reading". The material should be applicable to most students learning algebra for the first time, or going back to pickup the basics years later.

Here's another algebra book -- and this one has more of a conversational attitude. You'll read through the Algebra Survival Guide like you had a friendly teacher tutoring you. There's problems with solutions, fun games, and even an Emergency Survival Guide tear-out poster.

Looking for an interesting challenge? This book is not a "back to the basics" manual, but a collection of some really tough and intriguing problems in geometry. They're sorted by difficulty level, and yes, include the solutions!

Not ready for the challenging problems? No worries -- I've also got a link to Schaum's outline for Geometry. It's a great way to get up to speed with 665 fully-solved geometry problems, plus online videos. You'll have no problem following their instruction, and you know you can trust Schaum's.