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Recently Asked Math Questions

Parallel Line through Given Point Monday November 19, 2018
Attachment 10510 ( So it started to make sense, and I switched it up with another question and it completely throws me off. I'm at

Perpendicular line Monday November 19, 2018
Here's what I've done so far: I'm not sure how to proceed from here, from my understanding I've got to add a constant

Choose k so that the function is continuous/differentiable Monday November 19, 2018
Is it possible to choose k so that the following function is continuous and differentiable at x = -3? f(x) = (2x^2 - 18)/(x+3) if x does not equal to -3 k if x = -3 For continuous I'm thinking k =

expanding some polynomials? Sunday November 18, 2018
Hello all, It seems my algebra skills have escaped me because im having some troubles. What I need to do is make the green statement look like the red statement in this photo (prove somethings true)

Could anyone explain me how to calculate the following...? Sunday November 18, 2018
Hi All, I was never very good with math, but i have been breaking my brain trying to figure out how to calculate the odds of a positive outcome of the following scenario. This may be super easy but i