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Recently Asked Math Questions

Word problem - helping 10 year old. Tuesday December 18, 2018
Hello, Please help. In an ant colony, 690 ants die in four days. Each night, 35 more ants die than the night before. How many ants died on the third night? Many

Martingale in roulette Tuesday December 18, 2018
Good afternoon, I know that in the long run you can never win at roulette. The casino will always win, even if you are using the Martingale technique (that doubles your bet with every loss). But I am

Help With Statistics & Plotting Bell Shaped Curve Tuesday December 18, 2018
Hello all I am trying to learn more about statistics and wanted to ask the following questions:- 1) Are the following terms mean the same thing:- Normal Distribution= Gaussian Distribution 2) Does

Please explain in mathematical terms what's happening here!? Monday December 17, 2018
Hi Guys, I'm not trained in mathematics, but I need to explain the following in such terms. Could you please assist? * Three values are ranked ordinally (1 to 3) in terms of importance. *

Trapezoid Problem Monday December 17, 2018
ABCD is a trapezoid whose diagonals AC and BD intersect at the point E. If AB = 2/3 DC, prove that AE = 3/5 AB + 2/5 AD. My teacher recommended using triangles to solve, I tried something else but I'm