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Recently Asked Math Questions

Guess teacher height Tuesday November 20, 2018
Hey guys 4 students guess their teacher's height: 196, 163, 178 and 185. If their error be 1, 6, 16 and 17, what is the teacher's height?

how to solve this by factoring Tuesday November 20, 2018
Here is problem:Attachment 10515 ( Here is what I did with it: Attachment 10516

How to deal with fractional exponents. Tuesday November 20, 2018
Hello all I wanted to ask about how to deal with fractional exponents. Would I be correct in saying that the following statement are all equal:- A^(M/N) = Nsqrt(A^M) = (Nsqrt(A)^M In the left I

Learning Math Problems - Fractions Tuesday November 20, 2018
I have been stumped on this problem for 2 days, I figured how they have A) 48 Hrs as answer 1. stuck on how 240 miles comes into a answer? *Here is the question. Bonita Traveled 108 Miles in 2 1/4

Heun's method Tuesday November 20, 2018
Attachment 10514 ( I am trying to approximate y(0.1) using Heun's method. I have converted my second order ODE into a first order