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Recently Asked Math Questions

"Number" Theory vs. The term Number vs. Diophantine equation - context meaning Thursday January 17, 2019
Let me understand the terminology of math thing that I used. OK. Write for me true or false. And tell me why (if you want to) (1) Number theory deal with concepts of Natural Number. (2) Natural Number

Can anyone explain me what is meaning of -1/Δ in the equation attached in image? Thursday January 17, 2019
Can anyone explain me what is meaning of -1/Δ in the equation attached in image?

Interesting problem Wednesday January 16, 2019
Hi All, To better describe the problem I have uploaded here: Feel free to ask any questions. Any

How many combinations of sets of 6? Wednesday January 16, 2019
Using the numbers listed, how many sets of 6 numbers can be derived from these? I tried to find an online combination calculator, but didn't find one for this. 2, 3, 6, 16, 20, 22, 28, 31, 35, 37,

Choose 24 of 78,000 prime numbers Wednesday January 16, 2019
I have 78,000 prime numbers that in each estraction each one can assume a value from 0 to number: example number 101 can assume 0 to 100. my goal is to choose 24 of this 78,000 prime numbers and