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What is the area of a shape?

Quick Definition:

The area is the two-dimensional amount of space enclosed by a shape. For a square, it's literally the amount of "area" inside the edges of the square. For a three-dimensional object, we use the term surface area to represent the area of the outside surface of the shape.


The graphic below is a VERY simple example of the area of a rectangle. Multiplying the side lengths (3 times 4) gives us the area, 12. To think of it visually, 12 squares that are each 1x1 would fit in this area.

Area Math Lessons:

Area Formulas:

Square: \(Area = (Side Length)^2\)

The area of a square is the length of a side, squared.

Area of a Square

Rectangle: \(Area = (Length)*(Width)\)

The area of a rectangle is the length multiplied by the width.

area of a rectangle

Circle: \(Area = \pi*r^2\)

The area of a circle is pi (about 3.14) times the radius squared.

Area of a circle

Triangle: \(Area = \frac{1}{2}*(Base)*(Height)\)

The area of a triangle is one half the base times the height.

area of a triangle

Trapezoid: \(Area = \frac{1}{2}*(B_1+B_2)*(Height)\)

The area of a trapezoid is one half the sum of the bases times the height.

area of a trapezoid

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The area is the two-dimensional space occupied by an enclosed shape.