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Freefall time including angular momentum Monday November 12, 2018
So the freefall time onto a point mass of mass M is: t = (d^3/2GM)^1/2 , what is the freefall time including angular momentum p = mvd, where, with constant m, v = 1/d if angular momentum is to be

Integration of gravitational force on a test particle in a uniform density disk Monday November 12, 2018
So imagine a disk of radius "R" with a point "p" at arbitrary distance "r" from the center. I'm going to describe three regimes within this disk as follows: 1. The area within the disk described by

find s(x)=1/x+4/x^2+9/x^3+16/x^4+... (x>1). Monday November 12, 2018
Someone told me to take derivative on both sides to get s(x) but I do not know how to do it. I figured out 1/x+2/x^2+3/x^3+4/x^4+...=x/(x-1)^2, (x>1) by breaking up every

Finding a domain Monday November 12, 2018
I don't understand how to start. Also, I'm experiencing a problem in general when doing calc where it makes sense when someone explains an issue for me, but I don't know how I would do it myself if

Series Question: Divergence or Converence? Sunday November 11, 2018
Hello! New member here! I just have a quick question on a problem I have. Attachment 10475 ( For this problem, I used the