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proof of area of circle Tuesday January 22, 2019
I have a question about the derivation of the formula for the area of a circle to be pi r^2 . When substituting for x I have used both r sint and r cost and both seem to work. However when using what

Simplifying Difference Quotients Sunday January 20, 2019
Hey guys, taking Calc 1 and having some issues solving something that's likely very easy. As you can see in the attachments, I'm working on difference quotients. It wants me to simplify and

limit of integral Sunday January 20, 2019
I need to find the limit from the picture.I have no idea how to start.Some

Finding values of an expression using Calculus and Algebra Sunday January 20, 2019
Hello, I have been given this assignment to do question 9 and still haven't been able to complete it after hours of research and attempts to tackle this. Any form of help would be grateful, take

planetary gear outputs Sunday January 20, 2019
let me know if this is posted in the wrong place what is the math to find out the output of more complex planetary gears? say something like 2:1-2:1-2:5 with the first 2 being the input and the 5 the