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How's my field goal percentage calculated?

Field Goal Percentage (Basketball)

A player's field goal percentage is a simple statistic to compute. Only two numbers are required: the number of made baskets, and the number of total attempts. The FG% is the number of made baskets divided by the total number.

$$ \text{FG%} = \frac{Baskets Made}{Baskets Attempted} $$

For example, when Kobe Bryant scored 81 points on January 22, 2006, he made 28 out of 46 field goal attempts. That's a FG% of \(\frac{28}{46} = .609\) (60.9%).

It's also possible to break down the data further by computing his 3-point field goal percentage. He made 7 three pointers out of 13 that he took, good for 53.8%! Not only did he take a ton of shots that night, but as you can see he was making them at an exceptional rate.