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Oct 6, 2005
Welcome to!

Please take the time to read the following before you make your first post. It will help you to get your math questions answered promptly and in the most helpful manner.

Don't post a list of homework problems. Please start a new thread for each new exercise. Try to limit the number of questions you ask to a reasonable number per day. (There's no exact limit, but try to be polite and not abuse the service.)

Try to post in an appropriate category. Questions about calculus don't belong on the Arithmetic board. Questions about finding a circle's area could go on the Geometry board or one of the three algebra boards, but not on the forum's Administration Issues board. Please show appropriate care and consideration. (If you're not sure which board to use, it's okay to guess.)

Try to use halfway-decent English. No, this isn't, but you'll get more help if you spell correctly. Actually, I don't care if you spell a few words wrong, but the IM speak will probably cause some people to skip over "ur" question. If we can't understand it, we can't help. 😄

Post the complete text of the exercise. This would include the full statement of the exercise and its instructions, so the tutors will know what you're working on. Typing exercises word-for-word also helps us identify possible mistakes in class materials. If there's a graphic or table or some other non-textual information necessary, please include a detailed description. You may upload images to our server. (Use the 'Insert image' icon on the toolbar, or try keyboard shortcut Ctrl-P.) Always use the Preview button, to verify that everything looks okay before submitting your post. The Windows Snipping Tool (or similar) is handy, for saving cropped screen shots which can then be inserted. Also, multiple smaller images often display better than a single, large screen shot. For formatting advice on typing math expressions, try "Formatting Math as Text". For math symbols (to copy & paste), you may try sites like here or here, or try your system's character map. For those interested in LaTeX, please see this notice.

Show some of your work or explain where you're stuck. Don't worry that your work might be wrong; learning is a process of making mistakes. We want to check your efforts, to see where you're at. If you show no work at all, some tutors may assume that you need links to lessons or just the first step. Other tutors might think you're looking for somebody to do your homework and might not help at all. Even if you're asking about only the very end of the solution process, please include your intermediate steps. Errors may have occurred earlier than you realize; for example, correcting part (b) may clear up your confusion on part (d).

Proofread your posts for clarity. When composing your message, you may include hidden formatting that doesn't work when the message is posted (for instance, when pasting text from an outside source). Also, the forum software strips away spaces at the beginning of lines. (To prevent that, such as for aligning text, use Code tags and a fixed-width font, like Courier New.) Kindly check also for typographical errors and other issues. It's worth repeating: Always use the Preview button. If you notice issues after posting, you have 30 minutes to edit your post (use the 'Edit' link at the bottom of the post). After 30 minutes, please make changes by adding a new post to your thread.

Be nice. Everyone here is a volunteer, so treat them with respect and we will (probably) be nice in return. If we aren't, perhaps it's just been a long day. If you have any conflicts, try to avoid starting a flamewar on the forum. You may post concerns on the Administration Issues board, contact a Moderator by private conversation, or use the post-reporting tool. For unresolved issues, contact me personally (

Don't spam. Okay, so spammers aren't going to read this, anyway, but it's probably good to have it in writing. We don't have resources to carefully research all material posted in the forum. If something appears at first glance to violate forum policy, it will be removed without further inquiry. The member responsible for it will most likely be banned from the forum, and the evidence/registration information will be reported to multiple anti-SPAM databases. We do not allow material for any commercial purposes (eg: promotions, advertising, announcements, reviews). We don't allow members to promote apps, even if they are free without ads. We don't vet apps. On profile pages, we allow one link to your personal web page only (no blogs, linkedIn profiles, "favorite" sites, etc). All members who desire to publish a web page link on their profile page must get permission first. Submit your request to a moderator by private conversation. This is your only warning. If you post profile material without permission, we don't have time to check it; we have time for removing and reporting it. Don't spam.

Have patience. There is no paid staff waiting on-hand to give instant replies. Many of the volunteer tutors have "real" jobs, and they all have to sleep from time to time. The people viewing your posts may be fellow students. Don't be offended if you see "views" but no replies. It may take hours, even days, for a tutor qualified in your topic's area to reply.

Don't post URLs to image-hosting sites that add extra images to their pages. We have no control over these extra images, and some of them violate forum policy. (This is a family-friendly site.) Pick an image-hosting site that does not add extra images or use the 'Insert image' icon on the toolbar to upload your image here. Please ensure that images in your post are not a clickable link to objectionable material. If you experience difficulty locating an acceptable third-party site, use this one:

Don't create duplicate threads or posts. There's no reason to do that. You won't get help faster by repeating questions on multiple boards. Also, new members won't see their first five posts appear right away, due to SPAM control (explained here).

Well that's all I can come up with right now. I know there must be other useful things to have in this post, so feel free to make suggestions if you would like to add something, or ask if there's anything you don't understand. Post your comments on the Administration Issues board.

Thanks for visiting, and please come back!


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