The 1% Club, Saturday 6th May 2023.

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Feb 18, 2022
Usual criteria for inclusion, etc. apply; please see here, here & here for further details.

(Apologies for the delay in posting this week. I just had too much else to do before I could get around to watching the program (over two days ??) & compiling this summary.)

The 90% Question:-

Logically, which music star could be included in this list?

      A. Sting       B. Harry Styles

Got this in under 5 seconds; just too easy!

The 80% Question:-

Which answer has a fish in it?


Under 5 seconds again (basically just the time to read it)!

The 70% Question:-
I got this right but it took me 45 seconds. Grrrrrrrr! ?

I just dithered, trying think if there was a “strategy” (based on the colours?) instead of just tackling it “head on”.

The 60% Question:-

Amy, Priya and Olivia are not related.
Amy and Priya only have brothers and Olivia just has a sister.
Amy is the oldest child in her family and Priya and Olivia are the
youngest in theirs. Which of the girls has an older brother?

A. Amy    B. Priya    C. Olivia
Took me 18 seconds to figure that one out!

The 50% Question:-
I got this one in just under 30 seconds but included it anyway (because it wasn’t just a ‘word’ question and the diagrams were integral).

I expect most folks here will get it within the time limit too?

The 45% Question:-
This one took me 25 seconds.

Answer the following question:

What word _an y_u _ake if you _ut together
in order the _ett_rs tha_ ar_

missing from this sentence?
The 40% Question:-
This took me 28 seconds but I think the answer ought to be obtained much more quickly than that (I was tired at the time; brain slowing down!)

Which five-letter word replaces the question marks?

? ? ? ? ?

The 35% Question:-
If A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on,
what boy’s name is this?
16  6  9  12  12  9  16

Exactly 30 seconds for this one, Phew! ?

The 30% Question:-

What single word can you add to the front of all
these to make three two-word phrases?



Took me 14 seconds to get my answer (which turned out to be correct).
Hot (if you really needed it.)

The 25% Question:-
Took me 25 seconds. I’m sure (almost) any regular here can get this in fewer than 35 seconds too!

Imagine your friend has asked you a maths question.
You think the question is “What is 19 + 15?” but you aren’t
sure whether your friend said 19 or 90.
Or if they said 15 or 50.
Which of these answers could NOT be correct?

A. 140    B. 105    C. 69    D. 44

The 20% Question:-

I got this one (right) in 28.4 seconds but, again, it could not be presented as just text so I have included it. (It may well take some of you more than the allotted time limit anyway. ??)


The 15% Question:-
What is the first letter of the
alphabet that doesn’t rhyme with
another letter of the alphabet?

I “took the plunge” (guessed, I suppose) after 18 seconds and (fortuitously?) my answer was correct.
F (If you didn’t guess(?) correctly too. ?)

The 10% Question:-

If you take just the Hearts and Spades
in a regular pack of 52 cards
and shuffle them for 30 seconds,
what is the probability of having

14 red cards all next to each other?

I got this in eight seconds so I expect most folks here will get it in fewer than 10 seconds too!

The 5% Question:-
I got this (right) in 28.75 seconds but the 5% question usually beats me on time so I’ve included it anyway (to let you see if you can solve it within the time limit too ??).


The 1% Question:-
An unprecedented eleven contestants reached the 1% question stage this week!

Two of them hadn’t used their “pass” and so were guaranteed £1,000 to take home.

All of them now had the option of attempting the 1% question for a share of the (£95,000) prize pot or taking a share of the £10,000 prize available to those that got this far (£909 each if they all decided to go that way).

All eleven (stupidly, IMNSHO ?) decided to have a go at the 1% question! (I reckon the smart move was to opt out and any one contestant who did that would have taken the whole ten grand!)

I got the right answer to this but it took me 3 minutes and 11.76 seconds!


The “trick” was to count them, then the solution became a lot easier to figure out!

Only two, out of the eleven who attempted it, got it right (winning £47,500 each): a young boy (21 y/o) who admitted he just guessed it (as it is one of the most frequently occurring letters in English; “You lucky sod!”, the presenter commented) and a late middle-aged woman who confirmed she “spotted” it right away (and there was no reason to doubt her veracity, having performed so strongly throughout the show).

The other (wrong) answers submitted were: H, T, R, N, L and Y; did you opt for any of those?


If anyone is stuck on any of the questions I haven’t provided the answers for (eg: ones I haven’t included as screengrabs), just say and I’m sure someone will be more than happy to tell you the correct answer.

NB: I would be grateful if you would "
Like" this post (if you do) as encouragement to continue taking the time to put it together in future.
Thank you, and....

B. ??
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