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Recently Asked Math Questions

Covariance of the Sample Mean of Two Random Vectors Tuesday November 13, 2018
Hello everyone, This is not homework, it's a real problem I encountered in data analysis. I'll try to state the problem as clearly as possible, while removing extraneous information about the

percentage and money problem Tuesday November 13, 2018
need help on how to solve it? Zach went into store A and spent 40% of his money. He then spent 25% of his remaining money at store B. He then spent all but 20% of what was left. He ended up with

twice continuously differentiable Tuesday November 13, 2018
Hello, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how I should interpret the following: 'To ensure the existence of a unique closed-form solution, the additional assumption is made that the

Proof for Double Angle Formulae in a diagram Tuesday November 13, 2018
Please see the attachment and have a look at the diagram for this question. This is a question to prove double angle formulae using the diagram of a semi-circle of radius 1 unit. As you can see, it

Amount of CO2 emissions problem Tuesday November 13, 2018
Dear altruists, Can anyone help me to solve the following question: A sales rep who is on the road a lot drives 60,000km a year, and a pensioner who makes short trips to run errands and to visit