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Hard geometric progression problem Sunday December 16, 2018
I have the following problem: x0=1 x(n+1)=2x(n)+1 S(n)=x0+x1+...x(n) Find S(2018) How do I find it? I know that the terms are:x0=1,x1=3,x2=7,x3=15 and that the difference of the terms is 2,4,8 but how

Checking Quadratic Equation? x²+10x=-8 My solution is ±√(17) -5 Sunday December 16, 2018
I do not understand how to check quadratic equations when "plugging in" the solution(s) I have. My problem is that when I plug in a solution I have ahieved which I know to be correct, Symbolab tells

How to find the range of polynomial functions without knowing extrema? Sunday December 16, 2018
Hello I'm asked to find the range of this function: Attachment 10677 ( It's easy to find the range if you are provided a graph,

Can I have O as eigen vector? Saturday December 15, 2018
This is my question: Find Eigen Values and Vectors for the matrix Attachment 10674 ( Attachment 10672

Linear Programming: (7/10)x + y <= 630, (1/2)x + (5/6)y <= 600, x + (2/3)y <= 700,... Saturday December 15, 2018
I'm trying to solve a linear maximization program with the following constraints: 1) (7/10)x + y <= 630 2) (1/2)x + (5/6)y <= 600 3) x + (2/3)y <= 700 4) (1/10)x + (1/4)y <=135 I've simplified each

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