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Recent Geometry Questions

80 degrees Monday January 21, 2019
Can anyone help me see why ACB is 80 degrees? I have tried playing with parallel lines and basic ideas of geometry and some similar triangles stuff. Any hint

Geometry help needed by guitar builder Sunday January 20, 2019
Attachment 10932

trigonometry identities equation Sunday January 20, 2019
Hi I struggle with equation ((1+sin(2x)+cos(2x)) / (1+sin(2x)-cos(2x))) =Cot(x) tried lots of different identities for 2 houres and have no progres I had some more simple one explained on lecture

Unit Circle Trigonometry Quick Question Sunday January 20, 2019
This is just a simple question but I can’t find the solution to this problem online and our teacher never explaines this part: Find all possible values of the angle:

Unit Circle Trigonometry Sunday January 20, 2019
Let sin 20◦ = k. Express the following in terms of k. a) sin 340 b) cos 200 c) tan 160 d) cot 70 Been trying to solve this for a while, I have a math test